Aranyaprathet hotel cambodia border poipet

Market Hotel near Poipet

105/30-32 Raduthit Road
(Aran Market)

Aranyaprathet, Sakaeo
Province 27120 Thailand

Telephone (037)232302 (037)231005 (037)233088

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cambodia border sakaeo

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  • To get to Aranyaprathet from Pattaya you have to take the Pattaya - Mukdahan bus, which will take five and a half hours to get to Aranyaprathet. The trip will take you down the coast on Sukhumvit Road through Chonburi, stopping a few times to pick up more passengers, when it reaches Ban Phakong it cuts over to Chachoengsao and then heads east towards Sakeo and Aranyaprathet.

    bus from pattaya to cambodia border The Pattaya Mukdahan ticket window. I took the 8:30 am first class bus (for 220 Baht one way) so I would arrive in the day time and spend the night in Aranyaprathet. I figured I might as well get a good night's rest and get to the border as early as possible the next morning. There is also a 7:30 am bus but it is listed as second class (and is cheaper), not sure what that means, but I did not want to find out.

    Placeholder image I will have to look on a map to remember where we stopped but it seemed to be about half way. These people took a smoke break but I went looking for food since I did not have time for breakfast that morning.sakaeo hotel My Tuk-Tuk and driver from the hotel to the border. The ride cost me 80 Baht and he took some quiet back roads. market hotelThai Immigration building - on the Aranyaprathet side of the border. There were several lines for Thai citizens and one line for foreigners, most of the people in line were Thais going to the Casinos on the other side of the border so the foreigners line moved pretty quickly. The Thai Immigration officers on duty that day were not the friendly variety. A Thai girl was in the foreigner line with a foreign boyfriend and when she got to the desk the officer yelled at her in a loud and unpleasant manner, when she got out her phone to call someone he really blew his stack and yelled that he was not her servant and she should show him some respect and to put away the phone and get to the back of the Thai line. When it was my turn I was warned by the officer not to try and come back into Thailand without an onward airline ticket.cambodia visa run No Mans Land - this is the area between the two countries, I have usually been approached by a lot of beggars here but this time I was not bothered at rungCambodian Immigration - this is Khun Rung of the Rungsang Travel Visa Run Company. He approached me in line at the Thai Immigration when he heard me speaking Thai with some of the other people in line, I turned down his offer of help but he was very insistent and kept offering to help me. At the Cambodian Immigration he showed up again and insisted on having one of his employees fill out my Cambodian Visa form, it still only cost me 1,000 Baht (which I would have had to pay anyway) so I let him do it. He kept insisting he was only helping me as a friend, I promised to promote his services here on the website. His normal business is picking people up in Soi Asoke off Sukhumvit in Bangkok, for the Bangkok to Aranyaprathet Visa Run. His phone number in Bangkok is 086 032 4484 or contact him through his website at www.rungsangtravel.comthailand hotelCambodia Border Gate - this is the entrance to the Kingdom of Cambodia, the buildings in the backround are casinos.

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